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Mandela funeral fake sign language interpreter gets a new gig

Once outed as a fake, Thamsanqa Jantjie has been biding his time in a mental facility, but is now making his online comeback in a bizarre ad for

UK extradites murder suspect Shrien Dewani to South Africa

Shrien Dewani has been avoiding extradition to South Africa since 2011 on mental health grounds, stymieing South African authorities’ efforts to charge him with the 2010 murder of his newlywed wife Anni Dewani. Dewani is suspected of having his assistant hire a group of men to abduct and kill his wife, and make it look like a robbery.

Two men caught hiding INSIDE an ATM in South Africa

Police in the South African city of Port Elizabeth┬áresponded to an alarm that had gone off at 3.51am at a neighborhood gas station. What they found at the station when they arrived was unusual. They noticed two men actually hiding inside an ATM machine. “While the police were still securing the scene, they noticed two [...]

The trial of Oscar Pistorius

Star athlete Oscar Pistorius is now on trial for shooting his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, and it seems others close to the Olympian and his case are surrounded by death and mayhem as well.

Today in Crime History: Missing Dutch girl Marleen Konings is murdered

Killed on December 29, 2003, the Dutch student was in South Africa on an exchange program, and to make a film about AIDS. After finishing her studies and an internship, she toured the picturesque Garden Route of the southeastern Cape, and disappeared, the victim of an habitual offender. Could stricter enforcement have prevented her murder?

South Africa’s Ripper Rapists and their strong survivor

On December 18, 1994, Alison Botha was abducted, raped, disemboweled and nearly completely decapitated before being left for dead in a ditch from which, nearly dead, she emerged to find help. She not only recovered, but married, had children, became a motivational speaker, and ultimately faced her attackers in court.

Rescue Video: Man survived for three days on bottom of ocean

Video has emerged of a May 28, 2013, body-retrieval effort by South African divers that became a rescue when they found Harrison Okene alive inside the Nigerian ship that sank to the bottom. Okene was in an air pocket for three days with no food or water, and no light.

Have you seen this herd of alpacas?

Missing: 30 alpacas. Probably poached. Investigators have no leads in the theft of 30 of the unusual animals from a South African farm.

Today in Crime History: Stewart Wilken Kills his Second Victim

On October 3, 1990, after an argument with his first wife, South African cannibal rapist Wilkin claimed his second victim. Wilkin was not your typical serial killer in that he prayed on boys and women, white and black, living and dead.

Today in Crime History: Police Find Body of Ntombi Maria Makhasi, Suspected Selepe Victim

David Selepe confessed to a series of murders of young, black, middle-class women outside Johannesburg, South Africa, but was shot and killed by police during an escape attempt. Was he innocent, guilty, or merely was an accomplice? And who was he really, because his real name turns out not to have been David Selepe.

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