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Today in Crime History: Serial killer claims to be Mafia boss

While in prison, serial killer Gerard Schaefer tried hard to impress his ex-girlfriend, Sondra London. While proclaiming innocence, he also wrote pornographic murder fiction that mirrored his crimes and inflated the number of people he killed. On March 21, 1989, he wrote London a letter that read, “I am, factually, a captain of the Dixie Mafia…I have, factually, the power to have you killed. I have, in the past, used these powers.”

VIDEO: Sondra London Talks About her Love for Gainsville Ripper Danny Rolling

In 1993 serial-killer groupie Sondra London announced her engagement to her new love: Serial killer Danny Rolling. Here she appears on the Geraldo Rivera Show, much to the shock and horror of host and audience alike, to defend Rolling and her forbidden love for him.

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