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Why do people tweet from mass shootings?’s Jeffrey Hartinger ponders why the urge to tweet from the scene of a tragedy overwhelms some people.

VIDEO: Police Ask Public’s Help Identifying Suspect in Child Porn Video

Canadian law enforcement in New Brunswick are reaching out to the general public for help identifying a man seen sexually assaulting a little girl, who appears to be about three years old, in a video that was first posted on the Internet in 2005.

Criminal Activity & Social Media: Why Did You Just Like That Photo?

Criminal investigations use Facebook all the time, but several new cases show an evolving culture of bragging about crimes — or confessing to them — on the social platform. We take a look at this disturbing fresh trend.

UK: Twitter Rape Threats Lead to Arrest, Investigation

Journalist Caroline Criado-Perez and British Government official Stella Creasy were harassed on Twitter yesterday after spearheading a campaign to place author Jane Austen be placed on the £10 note.

If Elizabeth Smart Was America’s Daughter, Who is Dashad “Sage” Smith?

Not every single missing teen case can reach Elizabeth Smart-level popularity. But what happens when a teenager who’s a near opposite of Smart disappears? Does the public have the same sympathy for an African-American transgender teen as they do for a wholesome blonde?

The Nine Dumbest Facebook Arrests

From our friends at the Daily Dot: Since the company’s launch in 2004, a number of users have gotten arrested for what they’ve posted to Facebook, whether it’s threats of violence, child pornography, or photographic evidence of theft. In honor of the company’s ninth anniversary, here are nine individuals, most of them quite dumb, who have been arrested for something as simple and avoidable as a Facebook post.

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