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Ricky Davis and Dena Riley: Real snuff movies

On May 15, 2006, fishermen discovered the nude, raped and badly beaten body of Marsha Spicer. A woman came forward linking Spicer to Davis, who had asked her to become a serial killer with him, strangling women during three-way sex and videotaping it for fun. She turned him down, but someone else, it seemed, had not.

Today in Crime Hisory: Tanya Flowerday Murder Gains National Attention

Until October 8, 2003, Tanya Kelly Flowerday was just another South African murder victim, not even warranting a mention in the newspapers. On the evening of October 7, however, an investigative program revealed that she might have been the first known victim of a snuff movie in South Africa; and the next day the newspapers took notice.

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