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Python swallowed woman’s pet, chain and all, whole

A woman, who decided to protect the native Australian wildlife by chaining her Chihuahua-Maltese mix in its doghouse overnight, returned in the morning to find a carpet python with a dog-sized tummy bump and a chain dangling from its mouth. Ironically, the chain that held the dog for the snake, held the snake for animal control.

Well-Meaning Man Bitten by Rattlesnake While Rescuing Turtle

It seems that a 24-year-old man in Florida was so moved by the sight of a stranded turtle trying to cross a busy highway, that he jumped out of the car to help it avoid getting flattened. It seems, however, that no good deed goes unpunished, because as soon as he was done, he was bitten by a nearby Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake and wound up in the ICU for his trouble.

Fla. Python Eats Two Cats, Cats Mutilated in NJ, Six Cat Heads in Ontario

All in all this is not a banner week for cats in the news. So for the time being, maybe it’s not a bad idea to keep your cats, black or otherwise, inside until authorities sort this stuff out.

Criminal Investigation Launched in Nightmare Snake Attack that Killed Two Boys

Canadian authorities are investigating a chilling and deadly snake attack in New Brunswick this week. A 14 -foot-long, 100-pound African Rock Python escaped his cage to crawl up into a ceiling and then into the ducts of a New Brunswick pet shop and apartment building. Like a horror scene, it crawled through the building’s ducts [...]

Man Attacked by Toilet Snake in Parents’ Home, Penis Bitten

Last week we brought you the story of a man in London, England, who was attacked by a fox in his home while sitting on the toilet. Today we present the story of an Israeli man who was unlucky enough to have to use his parent’s toilet during “snake season,” though he escaped with his life.

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