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The crazy stuff the TSA finds is now on Instagram

The TSA has a pretty wonderful Instagram account going on. It shows all the bizarre things they’ve confiscated form passengers trying to get on flights.

Slideshow: Smugglers’ secrets

Are your pants full of exotic songbirds or are you just happy to see me? A look at some of the strange places that smugglers hide their goods.

Are cats the new contraband mule?

In three incidents so far this year, cats have been caught smuggling contraband into prisons around the world.

Harry Potter Book Used to Smuggle LSD

A drug smuggler is caught and extradited to New Zealand after attempting to smuggle LSD inside a Harry Potter book.

The Story of the Greatest Smuggler of All Time: Barry Seal

Barry Seal wasn’t a common, run-of-the-mill smuggler. He was the best, most well connected — on both sides of the law — convicted smuggler in the country. investigates the shocking story behind how Seal could operate above, around, and under the law for so long.

Russian Surgeon ‘Takes His Cut’ of Drugs Retrieved From Mule

A Russian surgeon was recently summoned by police in the Siberian region of Krasnoyarsk to remove drugs from the stomach of a captured drug mule. This in itself is not so unusual given the creative ways that drug mules have taken to stashing their contraband. What is unusual, is that in this case the doctor seems to have taken some of the drugs for himself.

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