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The crazy places inmates hide stuff on and in their persons

It’s not just what prisoners choose to hide and and where, in some cases it’s also the sheer volume of objects jailers find during body-cavity searches that is truly stunning, anything from guns to grenades, to yes, even MP3 players and headphones.

Slideshow: Smugglers’ secrets

Are your pants full of exotic songbirds or are you just happy to see me? A look at some of the strange places that smugglers hide their goods.

Andrew C. Thornton II and ‘The Company’

Thornton died suddenly when he, his unopened parachute and $1 million of cocaine, landed on the driveway of an astonished Tennessee homeowner. Thornton, it seems, and two childhood friends, all children of privilege and wealth, used their positions of power and their soldier-of-fortune skills to become drug kingpins.

Woman Tries to Smuggle Tadpoles Through Security — in Her Mouth

A woman passing through airport security was found with a bottle of liquid that was too large to allow on the plane. As they routinely do these days, security informed her that she had to discard the liquid or drink it. She drank it, but she would not swallow it.

High-Tech and Low-Tech Attempts to Hide Drugs, Both Thwarted

Panamanian drug dealers have figured out a way to make money on breast implants, and a Delaware man hid gobs of heroin in his mouth.

Traveler Detained for Smuggling Dried Deer Genitals

A Chinese woman was held by Russian authorities after reportedly failing to declare her extreme aphrodisiac.

Customs Dog Sniffs Smuggler’s Rear End, Finds Heroin

A sniffer dog alerted authorities to a man trying to smuggle nearly five ounces of heroin into the United States inside his butt.

Third Trinity Woman This Year Tries and Fails to Hide Meth in “Prison Wallet”

It’s officially a disturbing trend in Trinity, Texas, where yet another woman has allegedly tried and failed to use her vagina to hide her stash of methamphetamine from police.

Seized: The strangest pills in the world

Customs agents in Seoul, South Korea, seized thousands of illegally smuggled capsules. Shockingly, the contents of the capsules turned out to be the illegal and illusive dead baby powder, which some believe can cure disease and increase stamina. The pills, which are reportedly used mostly by laborers and hospital workers, came from China, and contained super [...]

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