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Slideshow: Bad bosses

In this economy people will put up with all kinds of gross, weird and bad in the workplace.

Slideshow: Killers as kids

At one point, everyone was an adorable bundle of joy. What went wrong for these serial killers?

Slideshow: Women executed in America

Though it’s unusual for a woman to be sentenced to death and even more unusual for execution to be carried out on a woman, it does happen. Fifteen women who have been sentenced to death and executed in the United States, from 1955 to 2010.

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Unbelievable survival stories of victims who managed to escape death at the hands of a killer.

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Ten of the most brutal methods of execution and torture used throughout history.

Top ten least famous serial killers

You’ve heard of Bundy, Dahmer and Gacy, but are you familiar with these serial killers?

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Gruesome injuries, menacing tattoos and more — there’s something cringeworthy about each of these booking photos.

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Are your pants full of exotic songbirds or are you just happy to see me? A look at some of the strange places that smugglers hide their goods.

Mugshots from rock bottom: Men

Sometimes the question "how do I look?" is better left unanswered.

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Compare the police sketches of notorious serial killers with their actual mugshots.