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Automatism: The sleepwalker’s defense

On the night of May 23, 1987, Kenneth Parks got out of bed, into his car and drove about 14 miles to the home of his in-laws where he beat his mother-in-law to death with a tire iron. He later claimed to have been asleep the entire time, and to have no memory of it.

Man Acquitted of DUI Because he was Asleep at the Time

An unnamed Swedish man was recently acquitted of by a Gothenburg court of appeals for DUI because he convinced the judge that he was asleep at the time that he was pulled over. Also he’s not the first Swede to get away with this unusual defense.

Man Claims He Was Sleepwalking While Robbing a Woman at Knifepoint

Connecticut man Winston Riley, 27, is accused of attempting to rob a woman, 81, on March 18, at knifepoint in an elevator at the Mohegan Sun casino at 10:39 a.m. His lawyer says he was sleepwalking.

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