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Bar jokes about domestic violence, acquires national notoriety, Facebook scorn

Courtney Williams entered Scruffy Duffie’s bar in Plano, Texas, and saw the following handwritten sign making fun of domestic violence. As a former victim, Williams was offended, and asked the bartender and two managers to take it down. Her friends also asked, but the sign stayed up. She posted it on Facebook. Now it’s down.

Massachusetts DOT: ‘Use ya blinkah’

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has high hopes for the electronic message posted this morning on roadways urging commuters to signal lane changes. In a move that some drivers have hailed as “Wicked Clevah!” the DOT apparently translated the English-language message, Changing lanes? Use your blinker into English for Boston.

Bar owner catching flack for obnoxious sign

The owner of the Backstreets Pub and Deli in Clemson, South Carolina, whose clientele is consists mainly of students from the university, ordered signs prohibiting those entering from carrying concealed weapons into his bar. No one questions his right to do so, but many question the choice of words used in the temporary, homemade sign he put on the door.

Photo: Banned toileting behaviour at Sochi Oylmpics

Let’s face it, when trying to get large numbers of people from different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds to follow one set of rules, you simply cannot have enough signage. Toilet signage tweeted by snowboarder Sebastian Toutant from the Sochi Olympics would seem to prove this point, but what does it say?

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