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Slideshow: Remembering the Aurora shooting victims

A look at the lives and personalities of the 12 victims who were killed during the July 20, 2012, massacre at an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater.

Slideshow: Mass murder in your state

What atrocity happened in your neck of the woods? A photographic look at the largest mass murders and shooting sprees perpetrated in each state.

Elliot Rodger’s rampage

How did Elliot Rodger come to the point where he armed himself and started shooting innocent people on May 23rd? What went so horribly wrong in his relatively charmed life?

Guy shot in the head spits out the bullet while talking to police

Police in Chesterfield, Virginia, are still trying to piece together what happened at the trailer home of an unnamed man, who reportedly got into a fight on the evening of May 18, 2014 with his brother. Neighbors reported hearing a shot. Police reported multiple shots fired. The younger man, 23, who was shot twice in the head, tried to tell them, but was too busy coughing up one of the bullets.

Death at the gun range: Five firearm deaths in firearm-friendly environments

In the ongoing gun control debate, the same argument often comes up: nobody gets shot at the gun range. Here are five incidents of deaths, both accidental and intentional, at gun ranges across the U.S.

$300 murderer laughs as he is sentenced to life

Life is cheap to a low-rent gangster, whether it’s his own or someone else’s. Last week in Los Angeles, gangster Jesus Mendez was sentenced to life imprisonment for a shooting that netted $300. He was smiling and laughing in court; he didn’t seem to be taking his fate very seriously. Back in April 2012, 27-year-old [...]

Texting in Florida theater leads to murder

Everyone hates the guy who uses his phone during a movie, but in Tampa, Florida, one movie customer was so irate that he actually opened fire in the Cobb theater during a screening of Lone Survivor this afternoon, leaving one dead and one wounded.

Jersey strip bar Xmas shooting leaves three dead

A popular strip club in New Jersey was the scene of a Christmas morning horror when a gunman started firing into the crowd killing three people

Reality TV director shot in LA home

Police are trying to find a link or any clues to explain why a TV show director and his wife were shot in their home the day before Thanksgiving.

Today in Crime History: Murder of Leann Fletcher

On August 16, 1999, police and EMS arrived at the Hazel Park, Mich., home of Mark and Leann Fletcher. Mark was distraught; his wife, he told police, had accidentally shot herself in the head. But what began as a report of a tragic firearm accident turned into a lengthy courtroom drama surrounding Mark Fletcher.

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