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Photos: Hiccup Girl Trial Begins

The murder trial of Jennifer Mee, known as ‘The Hiccup Girl’ for a medical condition that made her famous seven years ago, is underway in Florida.

‘Hiccup Girl’ May Plead Guilty to Lesser Charge

The young woman who found herself briefly famous after coming down with a three-week case of the hiccups may soon be heading to prison for 15 years.

‘Hiccup Girl’ Granted Separate Trial in Murder Case

A young woman who first attracted national attention for a stubborn case of hiccups will be tried separately from her co-defendants, a judge has ruled. Jennifer Mee, 20, is charged with felony murder for allegedly luring a man she met online into an alleyway where police say her boyfriend, Lamont Newton, and their friend Laron Raiford, robbed and killed him.

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