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Slideshow: Bad bosses

In this economy people will put up with all kinds of gross, weird and bad in the workplace.

How Not to Pick Up Guys in the Grocery Store Parking Lot

According to police, Joseph Lee Toben used “an adult novelty item for the purpose of making contact” with his intended victims.

Schoolgirl Commits Suicide During Exam

Police in Haripur, about 60 miles from Islamabad, Pakistan, are investigating the suicide of schoolgirl Natasha Habib, 16, who shot herself in the head during a practical exam after being harassed, perhaps sexually, by a boy named Asad. This just days after the Rehtaeh Parsons and Audrie Pott rape-suicide scandals go international.

Boss accused of making female employees watch bestiality video

Boss Jerry Wilson, president of Texas, company Premier Adjusters Inc., was slapped with a lawsuit by three female employees for forcing them to watch a video of a woman having sex with a pig, and then sending them emails depicting a scantily clad woman with pig ears and snout titled, “Swine Flu After Effects … Carful.”

Judge Calls Lawyer ‘Dirty Old Man’

Hawaii attorney convicted of harassment for licking his client, fined $250.

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