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Cosplay victim left bloody in street, says Comic-Con attendee

A victim of sexual assault turned up bloody and unconscious on a street outside Comic-Con, according to a frantic message posted on Tumblr.

Today in Crime History: Kobe Bryant sexual assault case

On July 1, 2003, a 19-year-old hotel employee reported to police that Bryant had sexually assaulted her in his room. A look back at the case in photos.

The lynching of the Martinsville Seven

In what has historically been likened to a lynching, from February 2-February 5, 1951, Virginia executed seven black men, the Martinsville Seven, in the largest reported mass execution for rape " the rape of a white woman " a crime for which no white man had ever been executed in that state.

No prison for man who for three years ruphied wife and videotaped raping her

On May 10, 2011, Mandy Boardman, 36, walked into the Indianapolis police department with a complaint about her married sex life that went from creepy to downright disturbing: her husband had been drugging and raping her for years — and had it all on videotape.

Fliers with the names of four alleged rapists are being circulated at Columbia University

No one knows who is behind it, and this isn’t the first that students and administration have heard of the four alleged rapists listed. It started as graffiti on the walls of several bathroom stalls, and was easily painted over. Now, it has escalated to printed matter with the names of four men, who may or may not be rapists.

X-Men director accused of sexual misconduct

A young man has filed multiple civil lawsuits around claims that between the ages of 15 and 17, he was sexually assaulted by four hard-partying, prominent Hollywood leaders–including X-Men director Bryan Singer. Plaintiff Michael Egan, 31, says that, back when he was a teenage aspiring model and actor, he was lured into a Hollywood sex-party [...]

The twisted tale of Peter Braunstein

Journalist, writer and playwright Braunstein, off his meds and dressed like a firefighter on Halloween 2005, set the hallway outside his victim’s apartment on fire, and then subdued her with chloroform when she opened the door. After sexually assaulting her, the unhinged genius robbed her and left, leading police on a multi-state manhunt.

John Jamelske, slavemaster

11 years ago, Jamelske, who had been abducting women off the street, drugging them, and keeping them as sex slaves in his dungeon for years, was arrested. Though police were never convinced by the reports of slavery and torture his other slaves made, they did believed his most recent victim’s story and investigated. What they found shocked them.

Today in Crime History: Krystal Dawn Steadman is murdered

On March 19, 2000, Krystal Steadman, 9, never came home from school. Her body was found the next day. To the horror of her community, she had been abducted, beaten, tortured and raped, all for the sexual satisfaction of one disturbed man, who seemingly escaped justice by committing suicide in prison.

South Africa’s Ripper Rapists and their strong survivor

On December 18, 1994, Alison Botha was abducted, raped, disemboweled and nearly completely decapitated before being left for dead in a ditch from which, nearly dead, she emerged to find help. She not only recovered, but married, had children, became a motivational speaker, and ultimately faced her attackers in court.

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