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Male nurse charged for fondling paralyzed soldier

A 24-year-old soldier who toured in Afghanistan was sexually abused on a hospital bed by a male nurse during rehabilitation in Chicago. He had to report the abuse via eye movements because he cannot speak.

Daycare Employee Raped Babies

An Ohio woman is in custody after allegedly videotaping herself sexually abusing two infants at the daycare where she worked.

Minnesota Pastor Accused of Sexually Abusing Two Men he Counseled

Ryan Jay Muehlhauser, 55, of Cambridge, Minnesota, senior pastor at Lakeside Christian Church, and church associate for 22 years, has been accused of sexually abusing two men who came to him for counseling regarding unwanted homosexual urges.

Founder of Charity for At-Risk Youth Arrested for Child Sex Abuse

The town of Aurora, Co., is once again in the headlines, this time as the location for the arrest of Richard Koca, 69, the founder of StandUp for Kids, a not-for-profit volunteer organization that reaches out to homeless kids and teens. Koca is accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting a child.

Alleged Abuse Victim Wants Case Dropped, Says Parents Reject Sexual Orientation

A 17-year-old girl from Odessa, Tex., who prosecutors say was the victim of sexual abuse, has repeatedly called for the case against Sierra Elizabeth Galvan, 22, to be dropped. The unnamed victim says she and Galvan are friends, and that her parents filed a complaint because they don’t accept her being gay.

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