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Philly mosque’s Imam and Amir allegedly try to sever parishioner’s hand

Two leaders of a mosque in southwest Philadelphia of are accused of attempting to cut off the right hand of a man they allege was caught stealing from them. The man managed to keep his hand, but will no doubt think again before attending prayer at that mosque.

Slideshow: Rough and tumble

Fingers, toes, ears …When physical altercations leave permanent physical damage.

Father arrested for biting off infant son’s nose

A teen father in California is behind bars for suspected child cruelty and aggravated mayhem after police say he bit off his one-month-old child’s nose, among other things.

Police search for driver who ‘chomped’ off woman’s finger over parking spot

Police in Cherrydale, New Jersey, have released the photo of a woman accused of getting a bit too physical in a confrontation Saturday over a parking spot. She is accused not only of assaulting her victim, but of biting her victim’s finger off. If you see the suspect, be sure to keep your extremities clear.

Update: Shoe salesman who tried to eat girlfriend’s toes is sentenced

Daniel Anaya, 28, of New Mexico, was sentenced to 5 1/2 years in prison for assaulting his ex-girlfriend in April 2013. This was the third such attack by the former shoe salesman on the woman, who had taken out a restraining order against him after the second incident. This time, he attacked with his teeth, but brought a cigar cutter to do the job right.

Two Siberian men tie at arm wrestling, cut off own ears

Two men in Kuzbass, Siberia, were celebrating Orthodox Christmas on January 7, 2014, when they came up with an unorthodox idea for a party game. They agreed to an arm wrestling match in which the loser was to cut off his own ear, and yes, alcohol was involved.

Customer Tries to Saw off His Own Arms in Hardware Store

In a case of severe self-mutilation a man entered a Home Depot store, walked to the tool aisle, started taking out saws and without a word to anyone nearly cut off both his arms — on purpose. A look at this an two other cases of determined self-severing.

Stalker Tries to Sever Ex’s Toe for Third Time

A Santa Fe, New Mexico, man was arrested after seeking emergency medical treatment from being stabbed with a metal fork by his ex. Hospital personnel summoned police, who were able to determine that Daniel Anaya, 27, sustained the injury during an attack on his ex-girlfriend, in which he allegedly tried to cut off her toe, again.

Man Severs Ex’s Nose for Denying Him Sex

The couple’s date reportedly went fine … until he followed her home, showed up at her door and demanded sex. Then it got ugly.

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