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Slideshow: Serial killers killed in prison

Killed for their choice of victim, for snitching, or for just being rude, these serial killers avoided the death penalty, only to be cut down by fellow inmates.

The Real-Life ‘Hostel’ Murders

William Holbert and Laura Reese left murder and mayhem in their wake when they fled the U.S. for the sunny beaches of Panama. There they have been accused of running a hostel for the purpose of continuing their campaign of deceit, theft and serial murder.

Today in Crime History: The Death of Tammy Homolka

On December 23, 1990, Karla and her husband Paul Bernardo, aka Canada’s "Ken and Barbie Sex Killers" took their first victim: Homolka’s young sister Tammy. Tammy’s virginity was to be Paul’s Christmas present from Karla, who no longer had her own to give. Doped with halothane, Tammy died of an overdose while they raped her.

Slideshow: Hate By State

A geographic breakdown of crimes fueled by one of man’s most basic emotions: Hatred.

Slideshow: Murder in Your City

What atrocity happened in your neck of the woods? A look in photos at the most notorious murders in America’s major cities.

Today in Crime History: ‘Speed Freak Killer’ gets 78 years

On Monday, December 10, 2001, Serial killer Loren Herzog was sentenced to 78 years in prison, which at the time no one imagined would mean that he would be released on September 18, 2010. This miscarriage of justice soon turned to the public’s favor when Herzog’s partner killer Wesley Shermantine announced he was ready to tell police where the bodies were buried.

Modern cannibalism: Six killers with a taste for human flesh

Cannibalism is widely viewed as the ultimate taboo, but those who have committed it seem perversely proud of their acts. Read about six modern cannibals who weren’t ashamed.

Slideshow: Killers as kids

At one point, everyone was an adorable bundle of joy. What went wrong for these serial killers?

Genetic violence: Robert and Stephen Spahalski

In November 2006 a jury convicted Robert Bruce Spahalski of murder, just as his identical twin brother had been convicted of murder 34 years earlier. The bizarre story of an upstate New York serial killer and his homicidal identical twin.

The Snowtown Murders

November 2000 saw the beginning of the trial for the largest serial killing case in Australian history. The victims, who were found dismembered in barrels of acid, were being killed for their “crimes,” alleged pedophiles, drug abusers, homosexuals, or for simple obesity. Evidence showed that they had been extensively tortured with everyday tools such as pincers, pliers and clamps, combined with genital electrocution.

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