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Joseph Kallinger: The enigmatic cobbler

In 1975 Joseph Kalinger, a middle-aged shoe maker, and his son, 13, began a six-week multi-state spree of murder, robbery and rape. In home-invasion style attacks the two torturedand sexually abused four families, and slit a woman’s throat. Once in custody, Kalinger insist that he was crazy.

Today in Crime History: Notorious serial killer H.H. Holmes is hanged

On May 7, 1896, serial killer H.H. Holmes was hanged. Even at the noose, he changed his story stating that he only killed two people although he’d previously confessed to 27. The trapdoor under his feet opened at 10:13 a.m. and H.H. Holmes met his end.

Leonard Lake and Charles Ng’s list of rules

Serial killer duo Leonard Lake and Charles Ng videotaped themselves raping and torturing women inside a bunker in Wilseyville, Calif. On the door of the bunker hung the list of rules seen here. The victims, even those who followed the rules, were killed and either burned or buried in the yard.

Slideshow: Dennis Rader, the BTK killer

It stands for bind, torture, kill, and for three decades, BTK terrorized all of Wichita. He cut the phone lines, broke into homes and waited for his victims. He made sure their deaths did not come quickly. Then the murders stopped. The trail went cold until March 2004 when the BTK killer came back.

Evidence Files: The Son of Sam letter

In August 1977, David Berkowitz, known as the Son of Sam, was arrested and charged with a series of murders. Four months prior to his arrest, a police officer patrolling the area where a young couple had been shot dead found a letter addressed to NYPD Captain Joseph Borrelli. This is the letter in its entirety.

The definitive Edmund Kemper

A deeply troubled but intelligent teenager, Edmund Kemper killed his grandparents, then six female hitchhikers, then his mother and her friend. He turned himself in on April 23, 1973, and is now spending the rest of his days in a California prison. Find all the information on Kemper that Crime Library has to offer here, all in once place.

Today in Crime History: Adolfo Constanzo’s bloodstained ritual shed burns to the ground

On April 22, 1989, nocturnal arsonists struck, burning Constanzo’s bloodstained ritual shed to the ground. Constanzo was a Mexican palo mayombe cult leader, who performed ritual torture and murder to increase his occult powers. The next morning police conducted a full-dress exorcism at the ranch, sprinkling holy water over the graves and smoldering ashes.

John Eric Armstrong: The model sailor

Serial killer John Eric Armstrong was caught by Detroit police when on April 12, 1989, he returned to the dumping ground they had staked out. Armstrong broke down quickly during questioning and began a confession that lasted for days. By the 14th of April he had confessed to over 30 murders around the world.

Green River Killer: River of death

On April 8, 1987, police searched the home of serial killer suspect Gary Ridgway. Though at the time there was not enough evidence to arrest him, he would ultimately be convicted of 49 murders and suspected in dozens more in a slaughter that spanned over a decade.

Slideshow: Serial killer Rodney Alcala’s photos, subjects or victims?

The following photographs were found in convicted serial killer Rodney Alcala’s storage unit. The unsolved mystery surrounding the identities of the people in these photos persists, and police have long feared, could lead to more victims. Do you recognize any of these people?

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