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Today in Crime History: Megan Waterman disapears

Megan Waterman disappeared just after memorial day 2010. Her body was found in December, along with three other sets of remains, off a desolate stretch of road near Long Island’s Gilgo Beach. Though her pimp has been convicted for involvement in prostitution, Megan’s suspected killer, the elusive Long Island Ripper, is still at large.

Today in Crime History: Jeffrey Dahmer is born

Jeff Dahmer was born in Milwaukee on May 21, 1960, to Lionel and Joyce Dahmer. He was a normal and happy, though somewhat sickly, child. At the age of four, he showed a strange fascination with the bones of small animals.

The mobile torture chamber of serial killer Robert Ben Rhoades

Serial killer Robert Ben Rhoades kidnapped and tortured his victims inside a chamber set up inside his big rig truck.

Today in Crime History: Nannie Doss pleads guilty

On May 17, 1955, serial killer Nannie Doss pleaded guilty to the murder of her husband. She’d also confessed to killing three other husbands, her mother, sister, grandson and mother-in-law.

Glen Rogers, the Cross-Country Killer

Handsome, smooth-talking ladies’ man Glen Edward Rogers traveled the U.S. targeting women and men to rob and kill. Many of his female victims had reddish hair, like his mother. When in L.A., he met Nicole Brown Simpson and partied with her the night she was killed. Interestingly, one DNA sample found did not match either victim or O.J. It has never been tested.

Bible John: Scotland’s unsolved serial killer case

That’s what they called the tall, handsome well-dressed young man, who recited passages from scripture. The unidentified serial killer was the last person seen with three young murder victims. None were sexually assaulted, but oddly enough all were menstruating at the time of their murders.

Joseph Kallinger: The enigmatic cobbler

In 1975 Joseph Kalinger, a middle-aged shoe maker, and his son, 13, began a six-week multi-state spree of murder, robbery and rape. In home-invasion style attacks the two torturedand sexually abused four families, and slit a woman’s throat. Once in custody, Kalinger insist that he was crazy.

Today in Crime History: Notorious serial killer H.H. Holmes is hanged

On May 7, 1896, serial killer H.H. Holmes was hanged. Even at the noose, he changed his story stating that he only killed two people although he’d previously confessed to 27. The trapdoor under his feet opened at 10:13 a.m. and H.H. Holmes met his end.

Leonard Lake and Charles Ng’s list of rules

Serial killer duo Leonard Lake and Charles Ng videotaped themselves raping and torturing women inside a bunker in Wilseyville, Calif. On the door of the bunker hung the list of rules seen here. The victims, even those who followed the rules, were killed and either burned or buried in the yard.

Slideshow: Dennis Rader, the BTK killer

It stands for bind, torture, kill, and for three decades, BTK terrorized all of Wichita. He cut the phone lines, broke into homes and waited for his victims. He made sure their deaths did not come quickly. Then the murders stopped. The trail went cold until March 2004 when the BTK killer came back.

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