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The Riverside Prostitute Killer

On June 28, 1989, police found the body of missing prostitute Kimberly Lyttle, 28, yest another victim of the serial killer also known as the Lake Elsinore Killer. The trail of bodies would eventually lead to Bill Suff, a county stock clerk with a 1974 conviction for beating his two-month-old daughter to death, a penchant for impersonating police officers, and a love of chili cook-offs. Believed to have killed from 12-22 prostitutes, he is thought to have cooked the breast of one of his victims in a prize-winning batch of chili.

The I‑5 Strangler: ‘So I Killed a few Women; What’s the Big Deal?’

On May 10, 1991, serial killer Rodger Reece Kibbe, aka the I-5 Strangler, was sentenced to 25 years to life after pleading guilty to killing six women. On the way to his cell, he admitted to an officer that he had killed a few women, adding, "What’s the big deal? "

Carl Panzram: Too evil to live — part I

Panzram, one of America’s most ferocious, unrepentant serial killers, has long been considered the essence of evil. He hated all people regardless of sex or race, and he raped and killed what he hated, relentlessly, until the end.

Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker

On Friday June 7, 2013, Satanist Richard Ramirez, the serial killer who terrorized California in the 1980s, died of natural causes. In life he often expressed the desire to be with Satan in Hell; we’re pretty sure he made it there. Goodbye Richard. A look back at the rampage of the Night Stalker.

Charles Cullen: The nurse of death

A male nurse, Charles Cullen, relieved the tension caused by domestic failure, depression, alcohol abuse and chronic debt by killing his patients. He confessed to murdering 35 patients, but the number may be closer to 40.

Robert Hansen: The Human Hunter

Not all serial killers are willing to expose their kills, but Robert Hansen, known for hunting down his victims in the wild like animals, told police where he had dumped several of his victims. On April 24, 1984, investigators discovered the remains of Sue Luna and Malai Larson, sealing the case against him.

Jack the Ripper

The latest of many theories as to the identity of historic serial killer Jack the Ripper implicates Lizzie Williams, the wife of physician and Ripper suspect Sir John Williams, in the infamous Whitechapel murders of 1888. This case has captured the public’s imagination ever since Jack disappeared after brutally slaughtering five English prostitutes, all the while taunting investigators from Scotland Yard.

Jason Massey: From victim to victimizer

On April 3, 2001 the tale of Jason Massey came to an abrupt end by the executioner’s hand. As a young man, Massey idolized Charles Manson, became obsessed with torture and murder, and strove to become a “murder machine.”

Dennis Nilsen: A horrifying Englishman

At work on February 9, 1983, Dennis Nilsen told a co-worker, “If I’m not in tomorrow, I’ll either be ill, dead, or in jail.” They both laughed. Returning home that day Nilsen found police waiting for him at his flat. They had found human remains in the sewer pipes that could only have come from his unit. A search of Nilsen’s closet uncovered several bags of male remains in various stages of decomposition.

Bill Suff: The riverside prostitute killer

On February 8, 1990, farmers working at an orchard discovered the nude body of Carol Lynn Miller, 35, a known prostitute and drug addict. Miller had gone missing one month earlier and became one of 19 victims of the Riverside Prostitute Killer, AKA the Lake Elsinore Killer: mild-mannered county government employee Bill Suff.

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