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Serial Killer Spotlight: ‘Motta’ Navas, Bashed Victims Heads in with a Rock

Accused serial killer "Motta" Navas was arrested on November 1, 2012, after a series of grisly murders in Kollam, Kerala, India, committed between June and August. His targets were street people, all killed in their sleep. There seems to be no motive for these exceptionally controlling, brutal murders of the city’s most vulnerable targets.

Serial Killer Spotlight: Tsutomu Miyazaki, Otaku Killer

Driven into isolation by other children because of his deformed hands, this Japanese necrophile would eventually grow up to act out his vengeance on little girls, strangling them with his hands, drinking their blood, and in one case, eating his victims hands.

Serial Killer Spotlight: Rodney Alcala

Charming, witty and highly intelligent, this sexual predator charmed his victims, then killed, posed and photographed them. He left behind so many photos of unknown subjects that now police estimated at least 130 victims. Remarkably, he has last spent the last 32 years in prison overturning two out of three murder convictions, drawing media attention and public ire as he turned the courtroom into a circus.

Serial Killer Rodney Alcala Pleads Guilty to Hover, Crilley Murders

Convicted serial killer Rodney Alcala, 69, has pleaded guilty in a New York City courtroom to two 1971 murders committed in that city. Alcala, who is representing himself legally these days, is currently on death row in California for four murders, and is preparing to appeal his third death sentence.

Serial Killer Spotlight: Hadden Clark

Hadden Clark is a cross-dressing serial killer, necrophile and cannibal. He was convicted of the murders of Michelle Dorr, 6, and Laura Houghteling, 23, though he has confessed to many more, and claims to have killed his first victim, another boy, at the age of 14, and covered it up with the help of his father.

Serial Killer Spotlight: Graham Young

Young, aka the Teacup Poisoner and the St. Albans Poisoner, had a clinical fascination with poisoning and a clinical detachment from the human race that led him to poison family, friends, co workers and bosses. His "experiments" killed four people, but sickened a hundred or more.

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