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Meet Rodney Wold, Animal Lover

Rodney Wold, 64, of Louisville, Kentucky, is facing charges after sticking up for our furry friends the rabbit and squirrel by pointing his loaded AK-47 at his neighbor. The man confirmed that they had had previous issues, though Wold did not have a criminal record — until now.

Three Senior Citizens Arrested in Prostitution Sting

So what do people in senior living homes do with their time anyway? Bingo? Ice cream socials? Perhaps a hand or two of pinochle? Well at least three people at the Vicente Tibbs Senior Citizen Center in Edgewood, New Jersey, spent at least some of their time smoking crack and marketing the local prostitutes.

Cross-Dressing California Man Caught Cooking his Wife

Oceanside couple Frederick Joseph Hengl and his wife Anna-Marie Faris weren’t the perfect neighbors. She seemed mentally disturbed and rarely bathed. He was known around North Ditmar Street as a cross-dresser and general odd bird. When police were finally called in to investigate the overpowering stench emanating from their home, no one expected a scene so macabre.

Woman Keeps Dead Roommate in Living Room for 19 Months

She wouldn’t let his family in, but she reportedly kept the body dressed and clean, and even talked to it while watching NASCAR on TV.

Man Barricades Himself in Hotel Room, Demands to Marry Paris Hilton

In a standoff with police that lasted hours, a man with a history of police standoffs in several states issued some odd demands.

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