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Slideshow: Senior moments

Immature, impetuous, illegal — and arrested — these days grandmas and grandpas aren’t necessarily what they used to be.

Three Senior Citizens Arrested in Prostitution Sting

So what do people in senior living homes do with their time anyway? Bingo? Ice cream socials? Perhaps a hand or two of pinochle? Well at least three people at the Vicente Tibbs Senior Citizen Center in Edgewood, New Jersey, spent at least some of their time smoking crack and marketing the local prostitutes.

911 Call Released: Nurse Refuses to Perform CPR on Dying Senior Resident

A nurse is heard on a 911 call refusing a dispatcher’s pleas to perform CPR on an independent living resident. When asked "Is there anyone at this facility that is willing to help this woman and not let her die?" The nurse calmly responds, "Not at this time." EMTs did not arrive in time to save her.

Two Members of Geezer Terror Cell Sentenced

Frederick Thomas and Dan Roberts each sentenced to five years for charges stemming from their 2011 plans to attack the government.

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