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Seattle police release two unseen photos of Kurt Cobain suicide scene

Police in Seattle discovered four rolls of undeveloped film in the Kurt Cobain file that they recently printed. What did they find? They say the photos show the scene of the suicide, Cobain’s body, and his heroin kit more clearly than previous Polaroid photos. They released two photos showing the cigar box holding heroin paraphernalia. [...]

Watch: Seattle bus commuters take down armed robber

Dramatic surveillance footage has emerged of passengers on a Seattle Metro bus on November 25, 2013, standing up against a robber who was taking commuters’ cell phones at gun point. Not only do the bus’ passengers fight back, but they disarm and hold the assailant until police arrive, at one point forming an impressive pile of angry, yelling people on the floor of the bus.

Solving the great Seattle wine heist

Police work and a glimpse of a suspect on security footage have pieced together the clues in serious wine heist in Seattle

Seattle PD Blotter: ‘Thrift stores cannot resell your giant bags of weed’

In its continuing efforts to be both helpful and informative, the Seattle PD has issued a public service announcement that discourages people from donating copious amounts of unused/unwanted marijuana. The PSA does not mention donation of small bags of pot, so that may still be okay… in Seattle.

Dad Injects 4-Year-Old Son with Heroin

A woman found her soon-to-be ex-husband unconscious alongside their son, who he had injected with a cocktail of deadly drugs, including heroin.

Seattle Bans ‘Brown Bag’ Lunches and ‘Citizens’

Seattle’s word police are keeping busy banning the words “brown bag” and “citizen” from official use. The Office of Civil Rights in Seattle, Washington, has alerted city government officials that those words are potentially offensive and may no longer be used, spoken or written, in any official capacity, except to tell people not to use them we guess.

Man Calls News Station to Confess Murder

Some murders just solve themselves. Seattle’s KOMO News reports that on Wednesday night a man called the station to request that they post a bit of breaking news on their Facebook page: the caller wanted the world to know that he’d killed his wife.

VIDEO: Seattle Superhero Phoenix Jones Knocks Out Combative Suspect

Phoenix Jones, leader of the Rain City Superhero Movement — a group of ten costumed individuals who claim to prevent crimes on the streets of Seattle — got into a scrap Friday night that ended with his opponent on the ground.

Seattle Cafe Shooting Rampage Ends in Suspect’s Suicide

When Cafe Racer opened its doors yesterday morning, it was just another laid-back coffee shop/music venue/artspace in a hip Seattle neighborhood. When the first gunshots rang out around 11:10 am, it became a murder scene.

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