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Slideshow: Schoolteachers in the slammer

Teachers’ entanglements with the law.

School district apologizes for anti-bullying flyer

The public school system in Lincoln, Nebraska, has publicly apologized for the content of the following anti-bullying flyer that was sent home with fifth graders from the Zeman Elementary School in time for Easter. The nine item flyer on “turning bullies into buddies” contains breathtakingly bad advice like “Do not tell on bullies” — because bullies hate that, don’t ya know.

‘Noxious’ odor that prompted emergency response was Axe body spray

Fearing the worst, officials at the Medgar Evers Middle and High School in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, summoned emergency crews after detecting a noxious enough odor that they thought it could be toxic. The source of the hazardous smell turned out to be someone’s Axe body spray.

Gun Discharges in 5-Year-Old’s Backpack at Elementary School

A gun went off inside a kindergarter’s backpack yesterday and police are trying to figure out how it got there.

Man with ‘Sniper’ Tattoo Strolls Through School, Asks for Beer

Anthony Edward Warn, 32, of Gainesville, Fla., wandered into the Kanapaha Middle School on December 19, 2012, and strolled through a phys. ed. class of about 100 students before staff even realized he was there.

Florida School Goes into Lockdown, Calls Hazmat Team to Safely Remove — Thermometer?

You can’t ever be too careful or too ridiculous when is comes to the safety of our children — or can you? This morning the Seminole High School in Pinellas County Florida may have just reset the standard for outlandish overreaction by a school.

Three Dead After College Murder-Suicide in Wyoming

A murder suicide at a small community college left a male professor and a woman dead. The killer killed the professor and himself in front of a classroom filled with students. The investigation is ongoing.

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