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Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker

On Friday June 7, 2013, Satanist Richard Ramirez, the serial killer who terrorized California in the 1980s, died of natural causes. In life he often expressed the desire to be with Satan in Hell; we’re pretty sure he made it there. Goodbye Richard. A look back at the rampage of the Night Stalker.

Video: Woman confesses on TV to killing ‘Antichrist’ mother

While a WLVT Channel 8 news team with reporter Hilary Magacs was at the scene covering the murder of a 61-year-old Knoxville, Tennessee woman Tuesday, the victim’s daughter, Katie Nichols, waved and approached. With cameras still rolling, she confessed to stabbing her mother to death, and revealed her disturbing motive: Satanic spells, a satanic cult, and her mother was the Antichrist.

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