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Russian shepherd, 80, survives fight with bear, gets tossed off cliff

Do bears play with their food? Unknown, but Russian bear experts are saying the the scrappy shepherd who says he survived a bear attack last week, was merely the object of a wild bear’s attempts at play.

VIDEO: Flesh-Eating Drug ‘Krocodil’ Makes its Debut in U.S.

The first cases of side effects from using krocodil, aka desomorphine, have surfaced in the U.S. The drug is so caustic that it causes the skin and flesh at the injection site to turn green and scaly — like a crocodile’s — and become infected and necrotic. A krocodil user’s life expectancy is 2-4 years at best.

VIDEO: Woman Demontrates how not to Cross the Street

In this dash cam video a woman in Russia is seen crossing a busy road. She is definitely crossing hurriedly outside the cross walk, and though she seems to look, is nearly run over by an oncoming car. Clearly neither saw the other until it was almost too late, perhaps because of the car filming the scene? You decide.

Serial Killer Anatoly Onoprienko Dies in Prison

Russian’s most prolific serial killer, responsible for the deaths of at least 52 people during a six-year rampage, died in a Zhitomir prison of natural causes at age 54. Read the whole story of the half-mad Onoprienko, who roamed Ukriane killing groups of people at a time believing that God told him to.

Russian Surgeon ‘Takes His Cut’ of Drugs Retrieved From Mule

A Russian surgeon was recently summoned by police in the Siberian region of Krasnoyarsk to remove drugs from the stomach of a captured drug mule. This in itself is not so unusual given the creative ways that drug mules have taken to stashing their contraband. What is unusual, is that in this case the doctor seems to have taken some of the drugs for himself.

Kinky Sex Leads to Naked Rescue as Woman Found with Head Stuck in Stair Rails

A woman in Lipetsk, Russia, surprised neighbors and rescue workers alike when she was found on the stairwell of her apartment building buck naked with her head stuck between the stair rails.

Teens Arrested for Decapitating Man, Using Head as Ball

Two Russian teens have reportedly been arrested for murdering a man in Moscow and playing “football” with his head. Police are still searching for three other teens believed to have taken part in the disturbing act. Ria Novosti quoted tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda’s suggestion that the murder was committed in a drunken rage by the unidentified [...]

Man Killed in Fatal Beaver Attack

Last summer a scout leader was attacked by a beaver. The beaver did not survive, but the scout leader did. Sadly the same cannot be said for a man from Belarus who was actually killed by a beaver.

VIDEO: Driver Saves Woman From Dog Attack

In this video recorded last month, a driver in the northern Russian city of Arkhangelsk pulls up to a violent scene: four dogs mauling a woman. The driver’s arrival scares off the dogs, and the disoriented woman picks herself up off the snowy road. The driver gets out to help her, leaving his car on and his dash cam running.

911 Call Released in the Controversial Death of Maxim Kuzmin, 3

The 911 call related to the death of adopted Russian-born boy Maxim Kuzmin was released by police after a grand jury determined on March 18 that there was insufficient evidence to charge his his parents. Russian authorities are skeptical of the decision and are currently reviewing the autopsy reports.

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