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Police search for driver who ‘chomped’ off woman’s finger over parking spot

Police in Cherrydale, New Jersey, have released the photo of a woman accused of getting a bit too physical in a confrontation Saturday over a parking spot. She is accused not only of assaulting her victim, but of biting her victim’s finger off. If you see the suspect, be sure to keep your extremities clear.

Florida man bites off neighbor’s ear over cigarette

It seems that smoking is bad for you in ways that no one ever even imagined. A man in Boca Raton nearly had his ear bitten completely off by an angry neighbor whose request to bum a cigarette was denied.

Woman Accused of Gouging Out Mother’s Eyes ‘Was Trying to Kill the Cat’

Typical Fourth of July crimes usually involve booze, fireworks and fighting—the aftermath of too much fun in the sun, but the horrific events that allegedly unfolded at the Lake Worth, Fla., home of Ferna Quesner on the night of July Fourth had nothing to do with festivities or celebration.

Man Bites off, Swallows Cousin’s Earlobe Over Loud Music

Emilio Mendoza, 27, of Stamford, Conn., has been arrested after a fight with his cousin Ruiz Clemente-Perez, 29, left Clemente-Perez in serious need of a doctor and a prosthetic earlobe.

Man Severs Ex’s Nose for Denying Him Sex

The couple’s date reportedly went fine … until he followed her home, showed up at her door and demanded sex. Then it got ugly.

Man Found with Ear in Pocket, and Woman Hot Waxes Boyfriend

Two instances of domestic violence show that both women and men can be effective aggressors.

Woman Who Bit Off Boyfriend’s Testicles Back in Court

UK woman Maria Topp, who made headlines in February 2011 for biting off her boyfriend’s scrotum in a drunken domestic brawl, is back in the news again, this time for violating a restraining order.

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