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Slideshow: World’s worst roommates

Almost everyone has had a bad roommate. These roommates are worse…much worse.

Surveillance footage casts doubt on Amanda Knox’s alibi

An Italian news show’s exposé of a woman’s image in a surveillance video would cast doubt on the alibi of Amanda Knox on the night of her roommate’s murder. If she is lying, then why?

Italian judges: Amanda Knox delivered the killing blow to Meredith Kercher

Not that she was unlucky enough to be there, not that she was merely an accessory, the judges believe that of the three accomplices, Knox, Sollecito and Guede, Amanda Knox is the one who killed Meredith Kercher, and that it wasn’t an accident.

Police: Man Who Decapitated Roommate ‘Got A Little Carried Away’

Florida man Scott Tobiassen and Gerard Longo had a volatile friendship. They met in January 2011. By June Longo snapped Tobiassen’s sunglasses in two, and Tobiassen was arrested for punching him. The next week Longo filed for a restraining order. Why they ever became roommates is unknown, but we do know that it ended tragically.

Accused Killer Posted on Yelp About Victim’s Disappearance

Friends of 36-year-old Army veteran Maribel Ramos thought it was unlike her to simply vanish. One friend started a thread on Yelp, where Maribel’s roommate, who would later be arrested for her murder, posted remarks hoping for her safe return.

Report: Roommates All Over Are Still Trying to Kill Each Other

A Michigan woman in accused of poisoning her roommate for being "mean, " an Alabama man stabbed and gutted his roommate, and a California pastor skewered his roommates genitals with a sword.

Roommate Breaks in With Axe, Attacks With Chainsaw

No one was hurt in this roommate situation gone bad, but one Pennsylvania man is in jail following a forced entry into his home after his roommate locked him out. Then it got out of hand.

Dismembered Man Found in Freezer May Have Been Killed by Roomate

Aloha, Oregon, man Phillip Lindemuth, 43, was found dead and dismembered in his garage freezer on May 18, 2012. Police obtained a warrant to search the premises after Lindemuth was reported missing two days earlier. Lindemuth had been dismembered using various knives and saws, the medical examiner told, but he reportedly died from multiple stab wounds.

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