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VIDEO: Interview with Ronald Poppo victim of Causeway Cannibal

In a police interview in July 2012, victim Ronald Poppo, the homeless man who was assaulted by Rudi Eugene, aka the Causeway Cannibal, in Miami speaks of the cannibalistic face-eating attack for the first time. By the time police had gunned down a nude Rudi Eugene, Poppo had lost both eyes and a great deal of his face. No reason for the brutal attacked was ever discovered.

First photos of face eating victim released

Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center, where Ronald Poppo has been recovering since losing much of his face in a horrendous cannibalistic attack last month, has released photographs of his progress. Warning: Images may be graphic.

911 calls in face-chewing assault released

Update: The 911 calls regarding the Poppo attack have been released by Miami police. The victim of Saturday’s face-chewing attack has been identified as Ronaldo Poppo, a homeless man that lived under the causeway where he was found naked and being eaten alive by another nude man, Rudy Eugene. According to Sgt. Armando Aguillar, Eugene [...]

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