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Update: Would-Be Child Rapist and Cannibal Sentenced to 26 Years

Geoffrey Portway was sentenced to 26 years in prison Tuesday. His crime? Planning to abduct, rape, torture, kill and eat a child as part of a bizarre fetish fantasy. Police tracked him through his screen name “Fat Longpig.”

VIDEO: Puppeteer accused of planning to eat kids talks porn with puppet

Before it came out that puppeteer Ronald Brown was allegedly involved in all sorts of child porn rings and planned to kill and eat a young child, he appeared on the Christian children’s show Joy Junction along with his puppet Marty. In this clip from the show, Marty confesses to Ron that some friends showed him “dirty pictures.”

Professional Puppeteer Arrested for Plans to Abduct, Rape, Kill and Eat Child

Homeland Security raided the home of puppeteer Ronald Brown, who works extensively with children, after discovering an online discussion he had with another man about abducting, killing and eating children as young as 2. The other man, who may have already killed one child, is also in custody.

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