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Do you recognize these people? Photographs found in serial killer Rodney Alcala’s storage unit

In 1979, police in Seattle discovered a storage locker belonging to serial killer Rodney Alcala. Inside were over 100 photographs of women and children taken by Alcala. Police have released the photographs in hopes that the public can help identify the persons pictured. If you recognize someone in these photographs, call Huntington Beach police detective Patrick Ellis at 714-375-5066 or email

VIDEO: Rodney Alcala Wins ‘The Dating Game’

With at least two victims under his belt, Rodney Alcala had already kicked off his serial killing career when he appeared on the popular game show The Dating Game in 1978. He was accepted as a contestant on the show despite being a convicted rapist.

Rodney Alcala: The Dating Game Killer

Alcala, 68, has been convicted of five murders in California and is currently on death row. Read the whole convoluted case of the amateur photographer and one-time contestant on The Dating Game, who managed to stave off a murder conviction for 30 years.

Rodney Alcala, “Dating Game” murderer

In 1978, Rodney Alcala was a winning contestant on the television game show “The Dating Game.” Rodney would eventually be famous for other reasons which included ruthless murders of women and teenage boys. As time goes on, suspicion continues to rise on how many people Rodney has actually killed.

Serial Killer Spotlight: Rodney Alcala

Charming, witty and highly intelligent, this sexual predator charmed his victims, then killed, posed and photographed them. He left behind so many photos of unknown subjects that now police estimated at least 130 victims. Remarkably, he has last spent the last 32 years in prison overturning two out of three murder convictions, drawing media attention and public ire as he turned the courtroom into a circus.

Serial Killer Rodney Alcala Pleads Guilty to Hover, Crilley Murders

Convicted serial killer Rodney Alcala, 69, has pleaded guilty in a New York City courtroom to two 1971 murders committed in that city. Alcala, who is representing himself legally these days, is currently on death row in California for four murders, and is preparing to appeal his third death sentence.

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