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Today in Crime History: The Case of the Vancouver Missing Women Begins

On September 23, 1997, the first missing-person report was filed in what would lead to a serial-killing hog farmer, a $100 million investigation and the longest trial in Canadian history. Robert Pickton may have killed as many as 60 women and is known for feeding his victims to his hogs.

VIDEO: Robert Pickton’s Jail Cell Confession

After his 2002 arrest, Canadian serial killer Robert Pickton spoke to a cell mate about the “old carcasses” found on his property. The cell mate was actually an undercover cop and Pickton’s jailhouse revelations played an important role in 2007 his conviction in the murders of six women.

Today in Crime History: Searchers Scour Pig Farm for Bodies

On February 7, 2002, authorities made a startling announcement: a search was underway at the pig farm belonging to Robert Pickton, suspected of being a serial killer. Ultimately, Pickton would be convicted of six murders and suspected in as many as 49.

VIDEO: Serial Killer Robert Pickton’s Jailcell Confession

In 2010 authorities in Canada released jailcell footage from 2002 of now-convicted serial killer Robert Pickton shortly after his arrest. In this video Pickton, who has realized the hopelessness of his situation, opens up to an undercover Mountie about, among other things, killing 50 people and disposing of the remains. He says he got sloppy.

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