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Friends in need: Good people who stood up to crime

A look at what good can come of regular folks standing up to crime.

Woman writes to those who robbed her while her husband died

A woman, who sped after the ambulance to the hospital after her husband suffered a fatal heart attack at their home, returned to find that thieves had looted the house while she was gone. In a personal note to the Record Bee, she addresses the robbers who stole all the mementos that she and her late husband shared.

French jewel thief DNA betrayed by a kiss

The case reads almost like a plot taken from a film noire: A woman is tortured by two men for information. She breaks. They seem to share a moment of intimacy, one assailant kisses her. She uses his his kiss to exact her revenge. Only in Paris.

Watch: Video posted by robbed store owner mocks robber’s technique

This video, with renditions of the Mission Impossible theme song and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody on kazoo, was published by the owner of a robbed Texas electronics store, who thought the job was very unprofessional, commenting “Our store got broken into. Judging from the surveillance video the thief doesn’t seem to be highly skilled in his area.”

Slideshow: Flash mobs and flash robs

Organized, overwhelming and, often, gone in 60 seconds.

Man robs, stabs and then is cut in half by train as he flees

A man who had just robbed a house may have been trying to jump on a train when he fell into the wheels, which severed his body into two distinct pieces.

Today in Crime History: The Lufthansa heist hits the papers

On December 12, 1978, the New York Times reported that $3.0 million in cash, and jewelry worth about $2.0 million were stolen from John F. Kennedy international airport. After that report, the grand total was revised to $5.0 million in cash and $850,000 in jewelry and the heist was declared the largest cash robbery in history.

Good news, we’re safe! Stolen radioactive material recovered; bad news, robbers dead already

Well we can all rest easy as the weekend begins, because the highly radioactive shipment of cobalt-60 stolen in Mexico earlier this week has been found and secured. No one, except the robbers of course, was likely exposed. On the down side, the robbers are probably already dead.

Slideshow: Strange Loot, a Collection of the Most Bizarre Stolen Items

People really do steal the darndest things.

‘Wheels of Steal’ Now Behind Bars

The “Wheelchair Bandit” robbing NYC tourists last week has been rolled into custody. 25-year-old Matias Moreno-Boza of New Jersey was charged with four counts of larceny over the weekend. He appeared in court in his wheelchair on Saturday.