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Now nobody can stop the crazy stories about Rob Ford from coming out

Former staffers and bar workers are dropping the dime on the mayor with stories of a drugs-fueled party binge that ended up in city hall at 2:30 AM.

Check out this timeline of the Mayor Ford scandal

We found a really good timeline published detailing what’s transpired in the Mayor Rob Ford scandal to date.

Video: Mayor Rob Ford threatening to “kill” and “murder”

A new video has surfaced in the Toronto Mayor Rob Ford death spiral. And it’s basically just unbelievable that it’s something that happened in the real world. The video was made secretly with a computer by someone in his office and then sold to the Toronto Star. Ford rants, “I’ll rip his f***ing throat out. [...]

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford: “Yes I have smoked crack cocaine.”

Read the transcript of Mayor Rob Ford’s confession to reporters that he has smoked crack.

Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s crack-smoking video discovered

Toronto’s police chief told reporters Thursday investigators recovered a video showing Mayor Rob Ford smoking from a crack pipe. Toronto police raided Ford’s friend and sometimes-driver Alexander Lisi’s home on drugs and extortions suspicions and found the file, which had been deleted, on his computer. The recording will be entered into evidence for Lisi’s trial. [...]

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