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UConn wins big, parties hard — again

As dozens of UConn students are arrested for breach of peace, interfering with police, vandalism, and inciting a riot following the Huskies 60-54 win over Kentucky for the NCAA championship, we take a look back at the mayhem surrounding the Huskies 2004 win over Georgia Tech.

Watch: Special effects turn ugly riot into cool light-saber battle

How do you snazzy-up a run-of-the-mill urban riot, while also making it more appropriate viewing for children? Why, you take away the participants’ conventional weapons and replace them with Star Wars light sabers…obviously. Thanks to one anonymous, but talented, video editor with a vision, this video was made and posted to the Internet earlier this year.

Slideshow: Flash mobs and flash robs

Organized, overwhelming and, often, gone in 60 seconds.

Mugshot of the Day

Edwin Rivera, 18, of Osceola County Florida, arrested on January 10, 2013, for inciting a riot. His bond was set at $1000.

Swissvale Police Release School Bus Stop Brawl Video

Police in Pennsylvania are still seeking to identify and arrest some of the people in two recent school bus stop brawls in Swissvale that involved both students and parents. The fact that were so many people involved, 60-70, has police calling the incidents riots.

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