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Multi-millionaire arrested for allegedly peeing on candy display

Eccentric multi-millionaire Robert Durst was arrested again, this time for allegedly exposing himself and peeing all over the candy and cash register at a drugstore. His motive is unclear, but then again, his motives tend that way. In 2001 Durst, a fugitive, was caught trying to steal a sandwich and a band aid. He had $500 in his pocket.

The murder of Lita McClinton Sullivan: Death came knocking

Lita Sullivan, 35, was just hours from a divorce settlement, when a hit man delivering a box of long-stemmed roses, fired a .9 mm round into her head, killing the Atlanta socialite. Suspicion quickly fell on her now-wealthy husband, who managed to elude justice for 19 years.

The mysterious Robert Durst

A look at the murder trial of the rich, powerful, eccentric and arrogant millionaire cross-dresser Robert Durst. A fugitive for a time, he was only caught because he tried to steal a sandwich instead of paying for it.

Slideshow: Millionaire husband & murderer

In 1976, James Sullivan married Atlanta socialite Lita McClinton, and the two moved to glamorous Palm Beach. Lita proved an impediment to James’s obsession with social climbing, and their marriage fell apart. One morning, a man delivering flowers shot and killed Lita. It would take 14 years to crack the case and bring her conniving husband to trial.

Slideshow: Unruly Heirs Arrested

Heirs under arrest. The idle rich are hard to entertain.

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