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Slideshow: Sweet revenge

To some people, revenge is a dish best served full of poop.

Revenge served via newspaper ad

Proving that the humble newspaper is still a mighty media instrument, Timeshia Brown took out an ad in a Texas local newspaper to announce her husband’s extra-marital affair and expected baby.

Revenge is a Dish Best Served …with Poisoned Cheese?

Battleboro, North Carolina, woman Tiara Drake, an immature 24 year old, is facing attempted murder charges after poisoning her family’s favorite cheese in an act of retribution for their refusal to give her a piece the day before.

Killer Updates Victim’s Facebook Status

To the shock of friends and family, a person suspected to have been involved in a young woman’s murder has updated her Facebook status with a taunting status.

Angry Power Washer Goes to Prison for Fecal Vengeance, Chemical Attack

The scorned owner of a power washing service exacted some nasty revenge on a pair of customers who underpaid him, leaving feces, motor oil, a dead coyote, and much, much more all over their front yard. A year later, he did it again.

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