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Man abandoned on desert island by his ‘BFF’

Norwegian police, as well as the unnamed victim, are trying to figure out why one of the purportedly two best friends would take the other camping on a deserted island, and bail on him in the middle of the night.

Trapped student rescued from giant ‘vagina’

Summer is upon us, and tourists all over the world are doing really stupid stuff and getting themselves into trouble. Today we present the unnamed American exchange student who, while abroad in Germany, required the help of 22 rescue workers to extricate him from the statue of a vagina, in which he inserted himself on a dare.

Video: Dramatic police rescue from oncoming train

A police officer is shown here dragging a hysterical woman off the train tracks Sunday at 1 a.m. as the oncoming train bears down on them. The video that was released by Richmond, Texas, police the same day shows Officer Ramon Morales, who arrived just as the crossing arms went down, pull the screaming woman off the [...]

Rescue Video: Man survived for three days on bottom of ocean

Video has emerged of a May 28, 2013, body-retrieval effort by South African divers that became a rescue when they found Harrison Okene alive inside the Nigerian ship that sank to the bottom. Okene was in an air pocket for three days with no food or water, and no light.

Ghostly Noises Heard in China Actually Woman Stuck Between Walls

An unnamed woman in eastern China’s Anhui Province, not far from Shanghai, decided, unwisely it turns out, to try a new shortcut through a narrow gap between buildings in which she became stuck for seven hours because residents mistook her cries for those of a ghost — really.

Watch: Pedestrians Catch Toddler Who Fell Five Stories

A group of delivery men in China heard a toddler cry out from an apartment window, on June 20, 2013, only to see tiny feet dangling out the fifth-story window. The child was soon dangling from the window and moments later, screaming, let go. A nearby security feed shows the men group together and catch her.

VIDEO: Chinese Medics Rescue Newborn From Sewer Pipe

On May 29, 2013, the Chinese press reported the rescue of a 6-pound, 2.8-ounce newborn boy with placenta still attached that had become stuck in a sewer pipe. Apart from having a low heart rate and some minor abrasions, the boy, now named Baby No. 59 for the incubator that houses him, is doing well. The case is being investigated as a possible attempted homicide.

Missing Child Matthew Allen Found in Bad Shape

Matthew Allen, 18, of Westleigh, Australia, who was reported missing by his mother on November 27, 2012, has been found. Lucky to be alive after two months of extreme heat in the bushland, the teen was emaciated, dehydrated, blinded, gangrenous, covered in leeches and would likely not have survived much longer.

Smoking Woman Falls, Gets Stuck Between Two Buildings

In a case reminiscent of the texting and smoking Alaskan woman’s fall from a cliff last September, an unidentified Portland, Ore., woman was discovered early on January 16, 2012, stuck between two buildings when her screams for help alerted one of the residents.

Wigged Bank Robber Gets Caught in Duct, Gets Cut Out by Cops

Bank Robber Charles Estrell had everything under control from his escape, down to his beaded, braided wig, that is, until he got stuck in an air vent and had to be rescued.

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