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Is This a Dead Body in a Pickup Truck on Google Street View?

From our friends at The Daily Dot: There are probably all kinds of reasons for why what appears to be a headless woman with her feet turned at bizarre opposite angles seems to be lying in the back of a Ford truck that Reddit spotted on Google Street View this weekend. Probably.

VIDEO: What it’s Like to Do Heroin

Unlike the scare tactics used in middle school drug education programs, this description of heroin doesn’t gloss over the drug’s pleasurable effects before delving into the dire consequences.

Look: Officer Got Confused While Writing Ticket?

Reddit user NastyMan9 shared a recent ticket for speeding calling it, “So…I got pulled over tonight, I don’t think the police officer understood the purpose of the eye color field…”

Man Who Killed Father in Self-Defense Shares Story With Online Audience

A man who in 2009 shot his drunk father dead to protect his mother answered questions about his case in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything.) Justin James Evans, 20 at the time, shot his father in the stomach at their Spartanburg, S.C., home. The father, Kenneth Evans, 45, died later at the hospital. Evans told police that his father was holding a knife to his mother’s throat at the time of the shooting. He was never charged.

Teacher Fired for Posting Upskirt Photos of Students to Creepy Online Community

A substitute teacher was arrested after authorities say he posted candid photos of high school students on CreepShots, a decidedly sleazy community on the social news website Reddit where men share pictures of women taken without their knowledge.

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