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Slideshow: Reality stars arrested

You can love ‘em, you can hate ‘em, but they will not be ignored — either on or off camera. A look in photos at the legal run-ins of reality TV stars, from Little People Big World to the Biggest Loser.

Realty show “Mudcats” star arrested

Winston Walters from realty fishing show “Mudcats” is arrested and charged with assault and robbery.

Slideshow: Yo! MTV Rapsheet

I want my MTV…and my lawyer!

Slideshow: Reality Stars Arrested

Sometimes, reality gets extra real for these contest winners, runners up, housewives and other quasi-celebrities.

Reality Show Shoe Collector Murdered

Ever wonder what happens to those crazy characters you see on shows like My Strange Obsession and Freaky Eaters? In the case of record-breaking shoe collector Darlene Flynn, tragedy.