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Detectives Lied, Say Lawyers for Middle Schoolers Accused of Rape

Attorneys for two of the four middle school-age boys accused of rape and sexual assault in Rockland County, N.Y., argued yesterday that the boys’ written statements of admission were obtained illegally, and that police lied during their testimony.

Judge Orders Texts in Middle School Rape Case

In a hearing yesterday, Rockland County, N.Y., Family Court Judge Sherri Eisenpress ordered prosecutors to turn over texts and Facebook messages exchanged between the four middle school boys accused of sex abuse and their alleged victims.

Four Middle School Boys Accused of Rape

In Ramapo, NY., four boys, aged 12 and 13, have been accused of raping two young girls. The 12 and 14 year old alleged victims told authorities that they were repeatedly assaulted by the boys at an apartment over several days.

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