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NY City: Teen sex slave escapes captors

A 14-year-old Queens girl abducted and held in Jamaica, Queens, for months as a sex slave is finally free. She was able to use an unattended cell phone to surreptitiously call her grandmother and the police on February 3, 2014. Her grandmother reported the unnamed teen missing last September. The girl ran away after complaining [...]

Today in Crime History: Trial Wraps Up in Kitty Genovese Murder

After three days of testimony, the prosecution and defense gave their closing statements in the trial of Winston Moseley, accused of killing Kitty Genovese outside her Queens apartment building. Dozens of neighbors heard Kitty’s screams as she was being stabbed to death, but nobody took action, assuming someone else had already alerted authorities.

Is a Killer Targeting Gay Men in New York?

Three gay men have been murdered in New York City in recent weeks. Authorities believe the victims may have met their killers online, and City Councilman Daniel Dromm is urging those in the gay community to “exercise extreme caution while dating.”

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