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Multi-millionaire arrested for allegedly peeing on candy display

Eccentric multi-millionaire Robert Durst was arrested again, this time for allegedly exposing himself and peeing all over the candy and cash register at a drugstore. His motive is unclear, but then again, his motives tend that way. In 2001 Durst, a fugitive, was caught trying to steal a sandwich and a band aid. He had $500 in his pocket.

India fights public urination with water cannon

Fighting fire with fire, authorities in India are taking back the streets from public urinators with high-powered hoses. Their solution to an all-too-common urban problem is not just effective, but is sanitary, doesn’t create a lot of paperwork, and provides amusement for all those electing to hold it in.

Police release composite of flashing serial urinator

Police in Gainesville, Florida, have release a sketch of a suspect, that admittedly looks more like a hand puppet than a person, wanted for allegedly urinating on at least seven women in February and March of this year.

Guy who peed on the Alamo pleads guilty

There’s now at least one more Texan who will always remember the Alamo, because after peeing on it t in 2012 and getting caught, he now faces significant jail time and a hefty fine.

Indian man dies urinating on fuse box

It happened last Saturday night that that a man named only as Jayaraj in reports was walking home very drunk in Ashoknagar, India, when apparently nature called. Jayaraj, 45, reportedly stopped to take a leak at Field Marshal Cariappa Road near Shoolay Circle. Unfortunately, he managed to pee on an electrical fuse box in the process.

Moviegoer Pees on Boy’s Head, Triggers Gun Scare, Chaos Ensues

Well, it was a wild Friday night at the Regal Cinemas in Tigard, Oregon, last weekend when reportedly at about 6 p.m. an audience was watching the end of the movie Prisoners, when an elderly man, who had apparently started his weekend way too early, stood up and urinated on the boy sitting in front of him.

Cuffed Man Tries to Pee Out Window of Moving Police Cruiser

According to a police report filed on August 8, 2013, police in Indian River County pulled Devin Langford over on suspicion of DUI. The Deputy on the scene, Brian Bell noted that Langford had "red, glassy, and bloodshot eyes," slurred speech and "a plethora of empty beer cans" in his vehicle.

Man Electrocutes Self, Dies Peeing on NYC Subway’s ‘Third Rail’

For those of you who always wondered what would happen if someone were to urinate on the subway’s fabled "third rail," the late Matthew Zeno discovered the answer: You die, and anyone with you might die too.

Cop Fired After Ticketing Toddler for Peeing Outside

Piedmont, Okla., police officer Ken Qualls is out of a job after news of a ticket he issued spread and brought a flood of criticism to his department. On November 4, Qualls wrote a $2,500 ticket to Ashley Warden after witnessing her 3-year-old son Dillon pull down his pants and urinate in the Wardens’ front yard.

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