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Slideshow: Tragic magic, spells gone wrong

From a little white magic, to voodoo shape shifters, to bloody satanic sex; when magic, mayhem and the law collide.

Slideshow: Psychics arrested, they should have seen it coming

Famous psychic Sylvia Browne has been in the news for giving a hideously wrong prediction regarding missing woman Amanda Berry. Browne won’t face charges for duping people, but here are some psychics who did. In retrospect, they really should have seen it coming.

Sylvia Browne, Amanda Berry and a Case of ‘Psychic’ Recklessness

On May 6, 2013, three young women were rescued from a home in Cleveland, Ohio. One of the girls, 26-year-old Amanda Berry, went missing more than a decade ago. Her grieving mother won’t get to reunite with her daughter. She died two years after so-called psychic Sylvia Browne told her that Amanda was dead.

Medium Accused of Making Women Strip and Dance Provocatively to Increase Psychic Powers

Welsh medium Karl Lang, 49, has apparently been a very naughty boy. He is accused of convincing at least two of his female clients to strip naked and perform provocatively for him to increase their odds of contacting the spirit world. They claim, he told them that “the spirits are naked.”

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