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Ginger twins arrested for prostitution

A pair of ginger twin sisters were picked up for prostitution in a North Carolina hotel recently, along with their alleged pimp, who did not possess red hair.

Woman kidnapped on street in NYC was forced into prostitution for months

A woman turned up in downtown Salt Lake City with an horrifying story of being kidnapped by two people and forced into the human trafficking and sex industry. Jean Joseph, 26, and Tara L. Pinnock, 24, were arrested on Monday in Utah on suspicion of rape, human trafficking, aggravated assault and kidnapping. Police say the pair [...]

Slideshow: Sex for cheap, seven irresistible offers

These deals can’t be beat! Browse seven bargain-priced sex offers.

Slideshow: Red-light America

From famous brothels to serial killers who target those in the sex trade — a comprehensive look at prostitution in your city.

Spanish man nearly loses penis in prostitute attack

After a fun night out drinking with friends in Malaga, Spain, a man reportedly decided to cap off a great night with a visit to a brothel. There he engaged the services of three prostitutes for group sex. When it was over, the women asked for their €70 ($95) each, but the John refused to pay them — big mistake.

Man Calls 911 After Prostitute Refuses to Make Change

Some guys in Indiana called 911 to send a police officer after a prostitute they hired pushed them out of a hotel room and refused to make change.

Today in Crime History: Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss is Taken Down in Multi-Agency Sting Operation

At 27, Heidi Fleiss was the talk of Hollywood. Some of LA’s most beautiful women worked for her high-end prostitution service, specifically catering to the elite. Then, on June 8, 1993, her carefully constructed corner in Hollywood’s dark underbelly was torn asunder.

Man Allegedly Pays for Sex With McDonald’s Meal

It does not seem like a fair trade. Police in Albuquerque say Donald Jones, 58, bought a prostitute a McDonald’s meal in exchange for sexual favors.

Teen Girl Arrested in Craigslist Prostitution Prank

You know what’s a great way of getting back at someone you hate? Putting up a Craigslist ad offering sexual services under their name. You know what’s illegal and can get you in a lot of trouble? You guessed it.

Pageant Queen from ‘Wife Swap’ to Plead Not Guilty to Prostitution

An attorney for Alicia Guastaferro, 21, says the former teen beauty queen who once titillated audiences with her orange tan and pink outfits on ABC’s hit reality TV show Wife Swap will plead not guilty to prostitution and other charges this week.

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