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Celebtrity rage

A review of Hollywood’s most irate.

Ten things not to have in your car when you pass out drunk with the engine on

Antwane Burrise of Stockton, California, a convicted felon on searchable probation, found out the hard way that there are some things you just don’t want cops to find in your possession when you’re passed-out drunk behind the wheel of your car with the engine running. A fully loaded AK-47, for example.

‘Suge’ Knight, Former Head of Death Row Records Arrested, Released

It’s a far cry from being arrested on assault and weapons charges as Knight was in 1992, nor is it as dramatic as being investigated in the drive-by shooting of Notorious B.I.G. as Knight was in 1997, but even so, it reminds us here at Crime Library of his other scuffles both with parking valets and the criminal justice system.

As Casey Anthony Probation Ends, Zenaida Gonzales Is Arrested

As Casey Anthony prepares to enjoy her freedom, the woman who is suing her for defamation, Zenaida Gonzales, is arrested for selling alcohol to a minor.

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