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Tunnels discovered under Alcatraz

Once the site of one of America‚Äôs most formidable prisons, Alcatraz Island recently gave up a fresh and tantalizing secret when a team of scientists from Texas A&M University turned ground-penetrating radar on it. The scientists discovered a labyrinth of underground tunnels — located under what was the prison recreational yard. In Yahoo News, writer [...]

Check out this prison care package “superstore”

Inspired by a personal experience trying to send his brother in prison a care package, an entrepreneur started to make it easier for families and inmates to get shoes, food and other permitted items into prison.

Today in Crime History: Seven Inmates Executed at Sing Sing Prison

On August 12, 1912, a record seven executions were performed at Sing Sing Prison. A newspaper, reported the event saying, “In Sing Sing prison Monday morning there were put to death seven men, the greatest number at any one time in the history of executions by electricity.”

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