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Photo: Prison visitor had 23 things stashed in his butt

Prison guards were surprised by the impressive array of items found in the “anus” of one AndrĂ© Silva de Jesus, 35, who was visiting an unidentified prison inmate. Reports indicate that a doctor’s note, saying that the suspect had a pacemaker and couldn’t be x-rayed, piqued guards’ suspicions. Though it’s also a good bet he was walking funny.

The crazy places inmates hide stuff on and in their persons

It’s not just what prisoners choose to hide and and where, in some cases it’s also the sheer volume of objects jailers find during body-cavity searches that is truly stunning, anything from guns to grenades, to yes, even MP3 players and headphones.

Today in Crime History: Marie Hilley Dies

Marie Hilley, who killed her husband with poison and attempted to do away with her daughter in the same way, was so well-behaved in prison that officials gave her a three-day furlough. After walking out of prison, she spent four days crawling around in cold, muddy woods until she was found on February 26, 1987, and brought to a hospital where she died.

Jail reviews to read before you get all crazy this weekend

Nothing is exempt from being rated and reviewed in this social media frenzied world, not even jail. Though inmates usually aren’t offered internet while in the big house, many log in as soon as they’re free to offer their two cents about the incarceration experience. Here are eight reviews of jails around the United States.

Slideshow: Prison personals

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Crime Library profiles the standout members of the lockup lonely hearts club.

New trend? Inmate’s request to stay in prison after sentence was granted

You’d think, given the number of people trying to break out of prison, avoid convictions that could lead to prison, and in general express their unhappiness about being in prison, that prison is a pretty lousy place to be. One New Mexico inmate, however, who was about to be released, asked to stay.

Check out this prison care package “superstore”

Inspired by a personal experience trying to send his brother in prison a care package, an entrepreneur started to make it easier for families and inmates to get shoes, food and other permitted items into prison.

Are cats the new contraband mule?

In three incidents so far this year, cats have been caught smuggling contraband into prisons around the world.

You Won’t Believe This Report About Private Prisons

A new report published by a non-profit organization is critical of private prisons and the affect they have on states’ willingness to reduce crime and detention rates.

Japanese Prison Wants to Change Their Image, Adopts Cute Mascot

Meant to be a welcoming face and a positive link between prisoners receiving rehabilitation in the prison and citizens in the community at large, this adorable mascot was introduced, and explained to the media and the public, at the prison’s annual fair on September 8, 2013.

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