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Inmates escaped to get supplies, get drunk, then returned to prison

At least four inmates from the minimum-security center of Darwin, Australia’sĀ Berrimah Prison have escaped and returned, probably more than once. According to jailers, the inmates were met on the outside by “partners,” who loaded them up with prison necessaries. The group got drunk, smoked a couple of joints, and the prisoners snuck back in unnoticed. [...]

Slideshow: Great escapes and manhunts

From the "Great Escape" to the not-so-great "Toilet Escape", these are the most amazing jailbreaks both recent and historic, as well as massive police searches and manhunts.

Prison inmate breaks out to escape incessant rap music

Yes, rap music played constantly, not to torture prison inmates, but for their enjoyment. Add to that some quality mind-altering substances, and you have quite the non-stop party … but not for Robert Stevens.

Today in Crime History: The daring escape of the Texas Seven

On December 13, a group of infamous inmates known as the Texas Seven staged a brazen, commando-like prison break. The breakout was orchestrated with such military precision and efficiency, that some would say, it must have taken a year or longer in the planning.

The Mystery of the Alcatraz ‘Escape’

In the middle of San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz Island seemed the perfect place for the "escape proof" prison. It was considered the most secure penitentiary in 1934 until it closed in 1962. All 36 escapees were caught or killed, except the three who attempted escape on June 11, 1962. Their fate remains a mystery.

Manhunt Underway for Detroit Prisoner who Used Identity Scam to Escape

Authorities in Detroit are searching for Rocky Marquez, 34, who has escaped from prison by switching identity wristbands with a prisoner scheduled to be released on bond. On January 20, 2013, Marquez reportedly walked right out the front door of the Wayne County jail. Nobody noticed that he was missing for five days.

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