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TIL: The first woman ever executed in the USA was pregnant

In 1778, Bathsheba Spooner earned the dubious distinction of becoming the first woman executed in the newly independent country called the United States of America. Before she was to be hanged, Bathsheba begged to be allowed to live long enough to deliver her baby. However, a panel of evaluators determined that she was not pregnant.

The murder of Jessie Davis

On June 15, 2007, Jessie Davis’ mother reported her daughter missing after finding the home in disarray and Davis’ s 2 year old alone and sobbing, “Mommy’s in rug.” Davis was nine months into her second pregnancy at the time.

Slideshow: Motherhood cut short

When a pregnant woman is murdered, her unborn child dies along with her. Read about famous slayings of expecting mothers.

Today in Crime History: Bobbi Jo Stinnett is killed for her unborn child

On December 16, 2004, Bobbi Jo Stinnett, 23 and pregnant, was murdered in a bloody effort to steal her unborn child. Not as uncommon as one would hope, prenatal predators, aka, womb raiders, are women so obsessed with motherhood, that they are willing to do the unthinkable to obtain it.

Fetal Snatchers: Obsessed With Babies

Some deranged women become womb raiders, killing mothers of unborn children to take their babies. An examination of the mindset of these severely disturbed women and a number of recent and high-profile cases.

Today in Crime History: Accused Fetal Snatcher Pleads Not Guilty

In September, 2006, the body of Jimella Tunstall was found in an empty St. Louis lot. Tiffany Hall killed her pregnant friend Tunstall and cut out her unborn child. When the child didn’t survive the ordeal, Hall brought her to the hospital, claiming she’d suffered a miscarriage after being raped. Hospital staff alerted authorities after finding her story hard to believe. On September 25, Hall appeared in court.

Phoenix Man Accused of Hit and Run Allegedly Drank 30 Beers

A Phoenix, Arizona, man accused of stealing a car, and hitting two pedestrians, one pregnant, allegedly told cops he had been in a nearby bar, where he drank 30 beers in the hours prior to the incident. The mind boggles.

Man Convicted of Rape After Impregnating Teenager

A 38-year-old Ohio man had a hard time concealing his misdeeds, when, say authorities, his 13-year-old victim became pregnant with his child.

VIDEO: Street Vendor Rescues Pregnant Woman From Mugger

In this quick clip, a mugger is seen attempting to snatch a purse from a reportedly pregnant woman. A vendor on the busy Chinese street jumps to the woman’s defense, tackles the would-be robber and holds him down.

Pregnant Woman’s Killer Demands Release of D.C. Sniper

Last Saturday, 38-year-old New York City Vindalee Smith was on the brink of new happiness — she was due to give birth to her fifth child in a few weeks; the next day she was to be married. Instead, she was found brutally murdered in her apartment. Underneath her bloody body, police found a note reading: “I will kill 1 pregnant woman a month starting now until Lee Boyd Malvo is set free!”

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